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Video Production


Corporate video production includes:

  • Training and induction videos (including online training)

  • Explainer videos giving an overview of a new product or service

  • TV commercials – cost-effective yet professional TV ad production

  • Trade show advertising videos

  • Showcasing a new corporate image

  • Corporate profile videos

  • Demonstrating a product or service with video

  • Staff and contractor inductions

Case Study: Nadrasca Industry

Services Corporate Video: Documentary Style Presentation and Soundtrack


Music and vision truly meet at A Tractor Productions. We are a full service Melbourne video production company. We script, shoot, and edit your business, event, marketing and promotional video as well as creating the soundtrack. We deliver the finished product to you in an efficient and economical package that you can use to promote your business or train your staff.

As a video production house with many years experience, we have experience with OH&S requirements for businesses of all sizes and have full public liability insurance cover, so your reputation and employees’ safety is guaranteed.

Website Video Advertising

A Tractor Productions can assist your company in several ways including, producing:

  • Business profile videos – great for showing your customers who you are and what you can offer them.

  • Product demonstration videos – use visuals to show your product in a way that’s easy to understand.

  • Event videos – recording specific and important aspects of your event for those who were unable to attend.

  • Service demonstration videos – show and tell using actual footage of your service – how powerful is that!

  • Video Testimonials from your customers – highly effective for building trust and relationships. Have a look at what we’ve done on our own video testimonial page.

  • Video blog updates – harness the power of content marketing to drive inbound traffic, leads and sales.

  • Advertising your business for more effective marketing and customer awareness about their product or service, conveying understanding and the passion of a business.

Music and vision truly meet at A Tractor Productions. As a full service Melbourne cvideo production company, we can script, shoot, edit the video and create the soundtrack, and deliver the finished product to you in an efficient and economical package.

We make high quality video for Businesses, delivered in a variety of ways:

  1. Uploaded to YouTube, where it’s optimised for searches and available 24/7 for clients and staff

  2. Delivered as website ready files in the format your web developer requires

  3. On DVD or USB stick ready for distribution or broadcast at a Tradeshow, Expo or Seminar

Video production house, A Tractor Productions, creates stunning video productions, filmed in High Definition through 35mm lens, including scripting, voice-over, music track, titles and logos.Check out our new site – Melbourne Business Videos.

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We can provide a detailed free quote on any sized project, and can usually work within your budget to find the solution that’s perfect for your business. We can also offer package discounts on a series of videos. Give us some info about your project and we’ll get back to you with a quote ASAP.

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