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About A Tractor Productions


Brian Baker is the Managing Director of A Tractor Productions and lives by the Guarantee that he offers to all clients – that if you are not happy with the end product, he will keep working with you, until you are!

Brian has over 20 years of experience in the area of video production with a background in composing music for film, radio and TV.
Having spent the majority of those years following his passions of music and video, what better way to combine the two, than producing first-rate videos with original music scores or jingles. He is living his dream!

Why is it called “A Tractor Productions”? The business was initially created when Brian was residing in the small country town of Briagolong in Gippsland. Thinking about a fresh and quirky name for his new venture while travelling with his 3yo daughter Ella who, at the time was looking out the car window. She keenly observed “Look Dad, a tractor, in a field!” He knew it just had to be. And so it was born…A Tractor Productions!


A Tractor Productions wants to offer you a Powerful, Positive and Professional way of communicating with your customers – existing or potential. We want to work with you, to grow your business with effective communication through videos.

To discuss your specific video production requirements contact us now.