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Frequently asked questions about Video Production

YouTube allows your video to be hosted in high definition at no cost to you. The video is available to be viewed 24 hours a day and can be searched through YouTube or on Google and the other major search engines. The video can also be embedded into your own website where it can be viewed without the customer ever leaving your site.
A Tractor Productions can supply the html embed code to place in your site. This code is freely available on YouTube and adding it to your page is a simple operation usually performed by your web site manager.

There are usually 2 reasons not to employ a professional to create your video presentation.

1. Because you don’t want the expense or

2.  because you’re afraid that your video will lose that ‘natural’ feel.

With number 1 – well you might save some money in the filming. But are you aware of what else goes into a video production? Many things can go wrong when the filming is in inexperienced hands that will take more time and hassle during the filming and then more time and money to correct later.

For a start – You need to know that whatever is filmed is lit properly. At A Tractor we can correct many faults but this usually takes time in the edit suite and costs you money. The audio needs to be recorded well, it’s no good if your customer/viewer can’t understand what’s being said. What digital formats are being used and what formats will the final product be in? It can take many hours to transfer footage into a format that’s going to be compatible with your website or the productions final destination etc…So while it looks like you may save some money when you start off, it can end up costing more in the long term. It makes more economic sense to get it done right in the first place.

With number 2 – At A Tractor we understand that you want things to look natural and unrehearsed, and that‘s always an advantage but have you seen our productions? We work very hard to get great looking natural performances from our clients – in fact we’re experts at it and use proven directing, filming and interview techniques. Why wouldn’t you want to utilize everything you can to get a great result – one that ultimately sees you with more sales and income? Many “unrehearsed” videos on YouTube and the net are not quite what they seem. And there is a world of difference between “unrehearsed” and “unwatchable”.

If your video is embedded into your site, there is no need for customers to leave your website to watch your video.
It depends on the style of your video and your confidence in presenting. Using a professional presenter will certainly add polish to your presentation while often we find that using the business owner or key staff member can help introduce that person to your potential customer. We work very hard with many untrained business owners to ensure that they end up presenting in a smooth, confident manner.
A Tractor Productions will create your voice over script using information sourced from meetings, your website, brochures and any other information you provide. A draft version is emailed to you and changes are made until we arrive at a script that best suits your presentation.
Generally our scripts are voiced using a professional voiceover company (you will have heard them on numerous Harvey Norman TVC’s) who have a wide range of voices to choose from. If there’s a particular style or voice you want we can usually source it.
Brian Baker composes the music especially for our productions. He has written and recorded numerous jingles and soundtracks and has extensive industry experience. Having the music track created to suit really lifts the production and also gets around any copyright issues that using a pre recorded track can raise.
While we access Green screen facilities to shoot footage when required, we generally shoot on location at your business premises. Green screen can be used when presenting to camera or when people or products are needed to be “placed” within another scene.
You will own the final video and all the rights except for the copyright of the music and of any footage not actually used in the final edited production. You will be able to broadcast the production anywhere you choose from over the internet through to any trade show anywhere in the world.
You will own the final video and all the rights except for the copyright of the music and of any footage not actually used in the final edited production. You will be able to broadcast the production anywhere you choose from over the internet through to any trade show anywhere in the world.
A Tractor Productions will supply the finished video on DVD if requested and we can even print up any number of additional copies at an extra cost.
Absolutely. Many of our clients use our videos on their trade show stands on a loop to engage and inform passing traffic.
A great way is to have the video or parts of it on YouTube and then email the video out embedded in the email out or as a link to your database. People are usually very interested in watching a video and will often have a look even if it’s not exactly in their sphere of business. If the video is on your website then a link can be put in every email you send out and on every piece of promotion you do.
Certainly. Still photos of completed work or in progress shots are simple and effective to incorporate into a video presentation. We also offer a time-lapse photography service – excellent for speeding up a day, week or months construction work into a few action packed seconds.
Testimonials are a powerful demonstration of the good work of your business. If it suits the style of the video they should definitely be incorporated. We will work hard to bring out the best in any customers that would be happy to contribute to your video.
At A Tractor Productions our area is video photography. However we can certainly arrange for stills to be taken, especially during a video shoot – it makes sense to get some appropriate stills when key staff, products and lights are gathered together in the same place.
Firstly, by letting them know and emailing them a video or link. Secondly, by search engines finding it around relevant search terms and keywords. We optimise your video on YouTube to get the best ranking. This is something that A Tractor Productions does, especially for YouTube – the second largest search engine after Google.
Yes, this information can be tracked using YouTube and Google analytics. We can do this service for you if requested.
Yes, AdWords supports display ads – this is a great way to get your viewing rates up on YouTube.
Yes we do. Check out some of the commercials we’ve made and we also purchase airtime on clients behalf a put together very effective and successful TV campaigns.
Yes we do. This is an area where tight scripting is essential and A Tractor Productions has experience, creating Training Videos for Ryobi products and Supreme Caravans and also Handover DVD’s for Spa Industries.

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