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1. Really – the same old chestnut – YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the net. You can place video of all kinds there, training, product demos, explainers, business profiles – whatever. Tagged properly, they will be included in Google searches and  rankings. BUT did you know this – you can advertise with video on YouTube very cheaply and in a very targeted way. Using an Video powered Adwords campaign you can dig right down to your target audience and get your 30 second video in front of them, with a link right through to your site.

2. Train and Induct new staff quickly and efficiently. Why have your training staff’s time taken up with inducting and training new staff on basic operational principles when they should be working on specific jobs? This basic induction, even for visitors and contractors, can be be serviced by video. Buts here’s the next step – have the video training online. That way new staff can do the induction in their own time via an access log in and be tracked to ensure they’ve completed the process.  This logging and tracking helps with liability too in case of an accident claim.

3. Turning cold leads into warm ones. You can use video to profile your business and it’s key personnel. This way when clients meet you or your staff/sales-team, if they’ve viewed an introductory video they feel that they know them, at least in some small way. This helps in your overall business profile and ultimately, conversions and client relationships.

4. Explainers – let people see and understand your product or service – anywhere, anytime. More people are browsing on mobiles and now with increased speeds and bandwidths, video can show them exactly how your product works and how it will benefit them.

5. Facebook. Finally a way to use Facebook for your business that makes sense. Here’s what you do. On your business Facebook page you create a post with a video in it. You then promote/advertise that post on Facebook. The video is about your product or service and helps people to get to know your business. It asks them to click a link back to your website where they can subscribe – possibly to take advantage of some free offer, and register their interest.  Once again, very targeted, probably even more so than Adwords, you can drill right down into your target customer base. The video really helps the conversion rates on this and bingo – you have a list of people to market to directly and build relationships with.

These are a few ways video can really supercharge business growth. It’s time to get away from the old TV advertising paradigm – yes it can still work in some cases but there’s more out there these days. Embrace it!!!

If I can be of any help, please contact me – even if you simply want to discuss some of these ideas.

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Arbor Concepts

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Arbor Concepts – Tree Services in the Dandenong Ranges

High flying tree lopping, GoPro action with the boys from Arbor Concepts in this video that highlights the clients skills and professionalism.

It was quite a job to capture the guys working in this huge 70 metre gum tree but some tricky camera work, a helpful drone and the use of slow motion footage make this a spectacular look at this great business.

Oxford Cold Storage

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Oxford Cold Storage – Manual Handling Training

OH&S regulations means that we have to pay attention to how these employees are trained in their specific lifting tasks for working at Oxford Cold Storage.

A Tractor Productions had to work very closely with the HR managers and Training staff at this large cold storage facility in order to achieve the level of detail required by the client.

SIMWORX Driver Training Systems

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A look at the SimWorx Driver Training Simulator, safe, affordable and effective driver training. More info at